New Arrivals

Here's a sneak peak at some of our gorgeous New Arrivals to whet your appetite!

Ribbed Lidded Pot Blue and white

Item No: CEA1315

Ginger Pot Blue & White Vase with blossom 22H

Item No: CEA1492

Planter Blue & White Workers in the Field 20H

Item No: CEA009

Tall Jar flat lid Carpe and anemone 39H

Item No: CEA054

Vase Bolbous 4 Medallions Blue & White Festival Dragon 38H

Item No: CEA043

Ginger Jar Silver 65H

Item No: CEA65SIL

Square close weave storage box

Item No: RRB40

Round Laundry Basket w/lid

Item No: RRB50

Square Tissue Cover

Item No: RRB99SQ

Round Coaster Set

Item No: RRCO3

Round Placemat D35

Item No: RRP40

Drum Stool

Item No: RRST49

Dark Blue Floral Jar with Lid

Item No: CEA004

Blue & White Figurine Bookends

Item No: CEA005

Ginger Jar Bule/white, intricate leaf pattern with medallion 45H

Item No: CEA013

Blue Figurine

Item No: CEA016

Fluted Blue and white Jar with Lid

Item No: CEA017

Temple Jar Blue & White Lion Lid Large 64H

Item No: CEA1283

Pot with Lid White 30H

Item No: CEA12WH

Ginger Pot Blue & White Chrysanthemum 22H

Item No: CEA1334

Ginger Pot Blue & White Portly figurine 28.5H

Item No: CEA1350

Ginger Pot Blue & White Plum Blossom

Item No: CEA1380

Rounded Pot with flat lid metal ring Chinese text 22H

Item No: CEA1397

Figurines B&W sitting down BW

Item No: CEA286BW

Lidded Pot Script

Item No: CEA803

Blue and White Tissue Box Square

Item No: CEA811TIS

Blue and White triangle Jar

Item No: CEA812

Small Pot with Lid Floral, blue&white

Item No: CEA002FL

Small Pot with Lid script blue&white

Item No: CEA002SC

Ginger Jar Gold 65H

Item No: CEA65GLD

Round Shallow Barrel Bucket

Item No: AEA538

Rice Carrier Oval Bucket

Item No: AEA527

Rectangle Stool

Item No: AEA526

Old Wooden Fork / Rack

Item No: AEA530

Round Stool

Item No: AEA529

Oval Barrel Bucket on legs

Item No: AEA537

Wooden Shovel

Item No: AEA536sc

Magazine File Box 46cm

Item No: RRB46F

Terracotta Soldier

Item No: AEA528

Organiser 4 compartment Caramel Rattan

Item No: RR11

Rattan A4 Paper Tray

Item No: RRT295

Office Organiser 31cm

Item No: RR31

Shaped Storage Basket

Item No: RRB28

Amenity Basket w Lid 33cm

Item No: RRB33

Magazine File Box35cm

Item No: RRB35F

Deep Round Bowl Set3

Item No: RRB42

High rect storage box close weave Set 2

Item No: RRB45S2

Office Organiser 26cm

Item No: RRO26

Rustic Tray Leather Handles Large

Item No: RRT0352

Rustic Tray with Leather handles (Small)

Item No: RRT0353

In Out Tray with handgrips

Item No: RRT144

Small rec Tray - Medium SET/2

Item No: RRT22M

Mini rectanglar tray 25X18X3

Item No: RRT25

Memo Tray 28cm

Item No: RRT28

Small rec Tray Large Set/2

Item No: RRT29L

Round Tray Med D40XH3

Item No: RRT40L3

Medium Trunk with Lid

Item No: RRT46

Round Tray LGE D48

Item No: RRT48

High Domestic Basket with Handgrips 50x40

Item No: RRT50

Platter tray with hangrips 54x31

Item No: RRT54

Rectangle Tray 55 x 33 cm

Item No: RRT55

Low Domestic basket with Handgrips 60x40

Item No: RRT60x40

Large Trunk with Lid

Item No: RRT65

Oval closed tray Lge 70cm

Item No: RRT700V

Family Basket with handles

Item No: RRT75

Oval closed Tray Med 46cm

Item No: RRT99

Square Morning Tray 30x30

Item No: RRTSQ

Square Umbrella Stand with metal drainer 56cm

Item No: RRUST

Round Waste Bin D24

Item No: RRWB34

Rice Measuring Basket

Item No: AEA532

Straight Sided Rice Carrier Bucket

Item No: AEA533

Cutlery Tray with Handles

Item No: RRT8

Rectangle Paris Tray Set 3

Item No: RRT30S3

Temple Jar Blue & White Lion Lid XLarge 80H

Item No: CEA1272

Blue & White Planter Parading Dragon

Item No: CEA22

Bowl Blue & White Flower pattern 46W

Item No: CEA045

Ginger Jar Silver 35H

Item No: CEA35SIL

Stool Handpainted ceramic

Item No: CEA23

Blue/white sm round pot w/lid

Item No: CEA29

Ginger Pot Blue & White Portly figurine 22H

Item No: CEA92401

Ginger Jar Blue/white, bird in tree 36H

Item No: CEA1349/A

Orange and white Dragon Ginger Jar

Item No: CEA2014

Celadon Rectangle jar w/lid 21H

Item No: CEA517

Celadon 6 sided jar w/lid lg 19H

Item No: CEA518

Blue/white square jar w/lid, landscape scenes. 32H

Item No: CEA511

Blue/white floral pot. Lion knob on lid 23H

Item No: CEA522

Blue/white squat ginger jar, lid w/brass ring

Item No: CEA513

Celadon Square jar w/lid 19H

Item No: CEA519

Celadon 6 sided jar w/lid sm 15H

Item No: CEA516

Yellow & Red sitting Emperor/Empress set of 2

Item No: CEA514

Tall Bolbous red vase

Item No: CEA520

Gourd Vase silver Metallic

Item No: CEA524

Orange patterned pot with lid

Item No: CEA540O

Orange patterned squat pot w/lid 22h

Item No: CEA541O

Blue/white shallow bowl, fish swimming

Item No: CEA510

Blue/white shallow plate. Fluted edge 41D

Item No: CEA512

Temple Jar,sm dragons, lion on lid. Blue/White

Item No: CEA505

Blue/white Small round script pot w/lid

Item No: CEA506

Blue/white straight sided jar w/lid tree pattern 27H

Item No: CEA507

Ginger Jar Cherry Blossoms

Item No: CEA509

Square ceramic white stoolw/cutouts

Item No: CEA502